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Posted on 12 Dec 2013 by Deek

I switched to Git from SVK a while back. My Git repositories are here.

Note: Some of the heads are intentionally rebased from time to time, be warned.

In particular, some of the GNUstep repositories have “master” branches in addition to the usual “trunk” branches that typify repositories created by git-svn. The ‘trunk’ branches are never rebased — they're straight from GNUstep SVN. The ‘master’ branches are GNUstep SVN with my changes, and whenever I fetch new code into my tree I rebase my changes and push back to here.

Posted on 19 Mar 2007 by Deek

Man, sometimes I hate writing Web "programs". It's like building a pocket-watch while wearing boxing gloves.

For the past week, I've been working on moving various QuakeForge resources (Subversion, the Web site data, etc.) back to SourceForge from the places they used to be. Along the way, I'm upgrading the "new old" QF site to the latest version of the same PHP library that runs these pages, and rewriting a lot of that in the process. The code is getting almost nice! :) Along the way, the site's getting a bit of a face lift.

Among the new features going into the new version of that site is that each developer will have the ability to post their plans for public view, complete with searchable individual archives; a lot like these news entries except they're personal ones. The main project-wide announcements are pretty-much just like the ones I post here.

Anyway, that's what I've been doing. Carry on.

Posted on 22 Nov 2006 by Deek

Been playing around with a virtual CoCo 3 in the MESS emulator, and hacking around with NitrOS-9. It's fun getting back to where I started. :)

If you use the "imgtool" or (in Win32) "WImgTool" programs to move files between CoCo and Windows environments, you may be interested in this tip:

When running the MESS emulator at least, you're not limited very much in the size of your virtual floppy disks. If you create or modify a device descriptor like so...

dmode /d2 cyl=80 sid=2 sct=40 t0s=40
...then you will get virtual floppies of 2M in size, for transferring larger files. :)

Note: this is the largest size that I could get to work. Making either the number of cylinders or the number of sectors larger caused the NitrOS-9 "format" tool to continually ask for the disk's name, and wouldn't format the floppy.

For your convenience, I made a ZIP file containing a replacement descriptor file and a blank 2-meg .os9 image for MESS. It's a quick download, only 3KB, but it does expand to the full 2MB.

Posted on 03 Oct 2006 by Deek

OK, my SVK repository is now public, so you can see or grab anything nifty that you see there -- like my automated and customized/bugfixed GNUstep build, or the current source to my IRC bots, or my current work for Sidestep. There's not a lot in there at the moment, but that's where my modifications are going.

That will be all. :)

Posted on 19 Sep 2006 by Deek

Hey, welcome to the new version of the site, and the new format. Hopefully this will be a place where I can show people what I'm working on. It's not so much a blog as it is a .plan archive, since there are no comments, no "permalinks", "trackbacks", RSS feeds, whining about how misunderstood I am, why I hate [insert stupid pop culture reference here], or any of that other crap that's so much in fashion lately.

Anyway, now that that's out of the way, I think almost everything's working now, so I guess it's time to look at grey_gandalf's color scheme editing code and finish up the new Color module for Backbone Prefs.

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