Deek's World

So, who the hell are you?

My name's Jeff Teunissen, but everybody calls me Deek (long story, and probably not a very interesting one at that, so don't ask :) ).

I live in Wyoming, MI with my wife and our son. I spend time with my family, am one of the leaders of the QuakeForge Project, maintain a few packages for Debian GNU/Linux, am reasonably active in the GNUstep community, am one of the founders and leaders of Project Backbone, and in my spare time, I try to breathe a little. :)

What am I supposed to find here?

You're looking at it. Well, not really. Right now, I have an positively ancient Links page, and a Debian Logo page, including images I made based on the Debian Project's logo.

In the future, I hope to put some more up-to-date information on some of the personal projects I'm working on, some pictures of my family (if my wife ever lets me, hehe), my résumé, and maybe a couple of surprises. In the meantime, knock yerself out. :)

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