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Debian logo images

Debian is a very cool operating system (or family of operating systems, depending on whose definition of "operating system" you ascribe to) for just about any modern computer, and some not-so-modern ones too.

Anyway, a few years back Debian got this cool new logo and I couldn't find any decent "Powered By Debian" pictures for my favorite operating system, so I made some.

In accordance with the Debian Open Logo license, you may use these images to refer to the Debian Project, but use of these images does not indicate endorsement of any kind by the Debian Project or by Software in the Public Interest.

Okay, now that the formalities are taken care of, the logos! Images with a dark background are mounted in cells with black backgrounds -- they really are transparent. Since GIF images lack alpha channels (and thus lack proper variable transparency), I have given the GIF versions white and black "fringes" to give the appearance of translucency. They'll look best on backgrounds that are very close to white or black. If you have a background that's significantly different, you may want to modify the PNG or Gimp file instead of using the GIF.

Large logo, light background
Large (200x50) logo, light background. [ gif | png | xcf.gz ]

Large logo, dark background
Large (200x50) logo, dark background. [ gif | png | xcf.gz ]

Small logo, light background
Small (88x31) logo, light background. [ gif | png | xcf.gz ]

Small logo, dark background
Small (88x31) logo, dark background. [ gif | png | xcf.gz ]

Processed logo
VERY large processed GIMP file, marked up with guides and ready for building custom images. [ xcf.gz ]

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